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  • Movement after the massage helps circulate the blood and can aid in helping the horse release old waste and toxins which have been trapped in the tissue. It also helps the horse integrate the changes made to proprioception and become comfortable working with the new range of movement. 10-15 minutes of hand-walking, lunging, groundwork or turnout will be great for the horse.
  • Be sure the horse has water available and has a chance to relieve him/herself after the session.  Changes made in bodywork use more water than normal, which result in thirst and a full bladder. Drinking water after the session can also help release waste products from the tissues.
  • It's possible that your horse could be sore for a day or two after the massage. While this could be due to excessive pressure during the massage, more often it's part of the natural healing process-- the result of toxins which had been trapped in soft tissue being removed from the body, strengthening of weak muscles and rebalancing old postural habits. Movement and good hydration will help speed the recovery process.
  • Keep in touch! I'll be glad to hear from you. Feel free to contact me between sessions to ask questions, discuss observations you've made, ask for follow-up recommendations as needed, and give honest feedback about the session. You are a very important part of the team!