If you’ve found this page you’re either very talented or very loved. Probably both! Making use of your gift certificate is easy.

Decide what service you’d like to use your gift certificate credit on. Generally, deeper structural work is best saved for between shows, while Event Combos are designed to help optimize performance for competitive athletes during events. I also specialize in advanced techniques like trigger point release, stress point release, myofascial release, manual lymphatic drainage, acupressure, and other wellness modalities. Need ideas or more information? Take a look at the Menu or Equine Services page.

Online: Select the service you wish to book, add it to your shopping cart, and be sure to enter the coupon code from your gift certificate at checkout. Please note that travel fees are calculated separately when the travel is planned and confirmed. You’re welcome to apply gift certificate funds toward travel.

In Person: Email or text +1 206 604 4367 to book offline.

If you have any problems or questions, contact Suze.

Travel & Barn Fees

  • All service offerings include travel within a 25 mile radius of Waitsburg, Washington.

  • Travel fees are also waived when you pre-book for events and shows that I already have on my calendar. If you know of a show you think I should put on my calendar, please reach out!

  • Travel charges may be divided between multiple clients in the same location or area, and I waive fees for 6 or more horses that I can see in the same neighborhood within a 300 mile radius of Waitsburg.

  • I offer a $25 appreciation credit for each new client booking that your referral sends my way, so don’t be shy about letting me know who you’re talking to.

Otherwise, the travel reimbursement (a.k.a. barn fees) for locations beyond the 25 mile radius are billed at the standard business reimbursement rate of 54.5¢ per mile round-trip.

I gladly travel to the location of your choice including international destinations. Flights, ground transportation, lodging, and meals (or $50 daily per diem) are the client's responsibility. Travel time is billable, but rest days (requested for travel for outside of the United States) are not. You can reach out directly to coordinate scheduling and arrangements at suze@dukeandremington.com.