• You (or your trainer or guardian) will need to be present for the first session so you can share the horse's history, behavior, medical information, and orient me to the location. Once you are an established client and I know your horse, barn routines, and history, in most cases you can choose whether or not to be present for the massage.
  • If you live in a state which requires direct supervision, delegation, or referral from a veterinarian to perform massage on horses, I will need to get permission to work on your horse from your Vet before your appointment. Alternatively, I can meet you at a location in Washington state.
  • Your horse should be reasonably clean and dry for the massage session. If you know you won't have a chance to groom your horse prior to the session, I'm happy to do that for you for a $30.00 fee. Please have your horse's brushes and grooming equipment available for use.
  • Avoid booking massage work during feeding times or other activities that could distract the horse. Distractions make it challenging for a horse to settle and relax for the massage.
  • Think ahead about the ideal spot for your horse's massage. A sheltered location free from mud and inclement weather, or out of the heat is sometimes needed. Some horses are happy having massage work in their stall, but others regard the stall as their own personal space and should be moved to a neutral location for massage. A guardian may hold the horse, cross-ties can be used, or the horse can be tied at a safe location. 
  • If your horse is normally blanketed, don't worry about removing them prior to the session. I often use the blankets to keep the muscles covered and warm as I work.

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