Suze has a wonderful way with horses. She helped my good horse Cupcake after a bad fall and got her back to competition much faster than anticipated. She spent nearly 2 hours working on my horse on each visit. The horses love her too!
— Kim Smith
If your equine partners haven’t experienced Suze you are both missing out.
— Michelle Long
After a visit to the vet with my 30 something old horse, it was recommended that he would benefit from massages. Since Suze lives in the same town, I contacted her. At first I didn’t think she was doing anything because she has a nice, gentle touch compared to another masseuse that had worked on him years prior.

Suze is great about showing you what you can also do to help your horse in between massage sessions.

After seeing the benefit my horse received from monthly massages I soon had her working on my other horse, Freckles. He was in poor shape when I bought him but with Suze’s expertise he has greatly improved. He loves to see her coming and lets her know where he wants her to work on him.

Suze also let me know that my saddle did not fit Freckles and showed us how to measure for a better fit. He’s a much happier horse now thanks to Suze.
— Pat Davison
Suze has a wonderful way with both horses and humans. She combines her many gifts to provide the highest quality care to the horses in her practice. You will love Suze and your horse will too!
— Jessica Eggleston
Suze has a calmness and quiet confidence that even the most nervous horses respond very well to. She has great intuition, and is effective; while still being compassionate and mindful of the horse’s needs.
— Les Lee